Monday, August 16, 2010


Well, today is the day I officially started my quest.  And it went well!

I slept in today because a.) I still can for one more week, and b.) birthday shenanigans last night went a little late.  It was such a wonderful birthday: I slept in, went to the flooded dog park with my bestest friend and her puppies, did a ton of chores that I had been neglecting, and went on a date!  A second date!  We went out for sushi - one of my all-time favorite meals - and then went to the Iowa State Fair.  Initially, we had intended on watching the free Vanilla Ice concert, but because we couldn't see him and weren't impressed with what we were hearing, we decided to wander around the fairgrounds and people-watch instead.  It was a great night!

So, after I pulled myself out of bed this morning, I happily devoured my vitamins (I'm telling you: gummy bears!) and made myself a great breakfast: one egg that I put into a bowl, whisked, and microwaved for one minute; a thin bun; and a strawberry-cheesecake yogurt, which, by the way, is soooooo decadent.  For a little punch of flavor, I topped the egg-wich with Rasta sauce.  OMG.  Perfect.

I was set for a productive day!  I headed to the gym for an hour-long yoga class, and since it wasn't as strenuous as I was hoping, I stayed for an hour-long cardio/weight class.  Let's just say that I am going to be sore tomorrow!  Because I can't procrastinate for that much longer, after I finished at the Y, I went to my classroom to get some work done; after nearly two hours of scrubbing shelves and unpacking boxes, I felt overwhelmed, so I left.  :)  Not before my delicious snack, though!  I brought along my first Nalgene of the day as well as a yummy peanut butter cookie Larabar.  Delish.

After a trip to the grocery store, I was starving again (maybe that's the fault of no lunch), so I had a mini-meal of two string cheeses and a white peach.  Oh - and another Nalgene.  :)

Today was too much productivity for me, so I topped off the afternoon with a two-hour nap.  And will now be awake until 2 a.m.  :)  I attempted a Fitness Magazine recipe for dinner: pasta with chicken, lemon, zucchini, and pine nuts.  At only 426 calories a serving, this is one of my new favorite meals!

It was so easy, and the lemon/zucchini/pine nut topping was to. die. for.  It was a little more than the 30 grams of carbohydrate and 15 grams of protein rule (49 and 32 respectively), but oh well.

Currently, as my last snack of the day, I am enjoying a scrumptious ice cream bar.  Honestly, it tastes just like a frozen Snickers - with a fraction of the calories!  Yum.

Today's grand total:

Calories: 1,321
Fat: 54.5 grams
Carbs: 148 grams
Protein: 77 grams

All in all, not too shabby!  Okay - off to catch some trashy reality TV.  Good night!

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