Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Short & Sweet

Are you ready for a picture-filled, word-lacking blog this evening?  Yes?  Good.  I'm exhausted and have my first of four alarms set for 5:20 tomorrow morning.  I need to hit the sack now!

I tried something new this morning: blueberries (and almond butter, of course) in my oats.  The tartness of the berries was yummy.

This first Nalgene took me awhile to finish this morning...  But, in the meantime I had a glass of water at lunch as well as an iced tea:

I'm pretty sure Diet Gold Peak Tea is the best iced tea I've ever had - and it never fails to perk me right up!  I switched it up a bit with a new midmorning snack:

I was a little apprehensive to try this bar because the original Lunas aren't my favorite, but the flavor sounded too good to pass up.  The first taste was delicious: chocolate-y and peanut-buttery.  But, it was too...much.  Like some other protein bars, this one took for-ev-er to chew and kind of stuck to the top of my mouth.  I have one more like it to eat, but then I will probably stick to Larabars and SOYJOYs.

Because today was my last "free" day (read: day without students), I decided I had to go out for lunch.  While I was really craving super unhealthy food from a local Mexican restaurant, I opted for a healthier choice with my BFF: La Mie, a cute little French bakery.

How beautiful was my sandwich?  And let me tell you how it tasted...  YUM.  It is a grilled portabello sandwich with roasted red peppers, spinach, and chevre.  O...M...G.  I inhaled it.  And then BFF and I shared a bowl of fruit as well:

After work today I noticed something odd on my car.  At first I thought it was a giant scratch, a dent, some sort of damage that is easily accrued in a high school parking lot.  See for yourself:

A giant praying mantis!  Interestingly, one decided to join our volleyball team tonight as well.  I rarely see cool creatures like this, so it was a pretty neat thing.  (Geek alert!  Geek alert!)

After work I did my weekly yoga with my kick-ass instructor/friend, and then I headed out for school supplies and groceries; after all, I was going to run out of Flatouts this evening!  Just wait until tomorrow to see what else I found!

I was absolutely famished after running those errands and had a quick, impulse snack before dinner.  It was too good to resist, though:

BFF whipped up a batch of salsa today and brought me a sampling.  Wow, was it delicious!  The only "unhealthy" ingredient she added to a massive Tupperware container was one cup of fat-free Italian dressing.  Otherwise, it was all vegetables, herbs, and beans.  She accompanied the salsa with whole-wheat scoops that really did the trick!

For dinner I made the quickest, easiest thing I could think of:

A Flatout pizza!  I took one Flatout wrap (Italian) and topped it with 1/4 cup of pizza sauce, some turkey pepperoni, 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese, and 'shrooms.  I nuked it for about 30 seconds and called it good. And good it was!  I'll definitely be making this one again!

After volleyball this evening, I prepped a bit (but not enough) for school tomorrow, polished off another Nalgene, and ate a Weight Watchers ice cream bar:

Honestly, people: try 'em.  Unbelievable.

I have no idea the nutritional make-up of the sandwich I had for lunch or the few bites of salsa I ate, but not counting those two, I did well today.

Today's grand total*:

Calories: 861
Fat: 43 grams
Carbs: 86 grams
Protein: 49.5

*I'm guessing the calories are more like 1,300 or 1,400, and the other counts would also be much higher.  I think today was pretty close to perfect regarding nutritional values.  :)

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