Friday, August 20, 2010

Miss Independent?

Before I get started on my daily blabbing, I need to rant: bear with me.

I have lived on my own for three years.  Although there are things I don't like doing (dishes, light bulbs, trash, etc.), I have gotten by on my own fairly well.  

BUT: since I started cooking so often, I have become seriously paranoid that I am going to slice off my hand, and no one is going to be here to help me.  The same goes with splinters: the other day I accidentally scraped my hand on the inside of a door jamb and received a huge, nasty splinter that dug itself deeply into my right ring finer.  I was nearly in tears while trying to remove this tiny piece of wood with my left hand, something that would have taken mere seconds if I had had someone to help me.

And today, I went to Target to purchase a bookshelf; I have hundreds of books and am literally out of room, and this piece of furniture was on sale for $15.  How could I turn it down?!  I hauled it off the shelf, into my cart, into my trunk, out of my trunk, and upstairs: all by myself.  This thing wasn't light, people.  I was awfully proud of myself - until I took it out of the box and tried to assemble it.  Really, all it includes is pieces of plywood and screws.  It should've been a piece of cake.  I took my screwdriver, my hammer, and tried to put this thing together from every possible angle, and it just wasn't working.


Anyway...  Today was an okay a pretty crappy day.  I woke up absolutely exhausted.  I finally took two Tylenol PM at midnight last night because I couldn't sleep.  And even that didn't help me!  I was up until 2 am - watching "Jersey Shore" and trying to crash.

I finally rolled out of bed around 9:30 and made a scrumptious breakfast of Banana Oats:

They were delish, as usual.  I can't seem to prevent them from overflowing in the microwave, though...  Ideas?

After I ate breakfast, I decided I should shower and actually put on some make-up and look cute today; after all, it was going to be my free day from the gym!

I then went to school and attempted to work.  However, it was quite difficult, as the server kept crashing.  Lovely.  I was then attacked by a bat as I tried to go through the school to a meeting about what?  Oh yes, technology: again, the computers did not work.  Well, that meeting ended quickly.

Because my "check engine" light came on last week, I decided I should finally take my car to the shop.  I dropped it off at Midas at 1:40, and a good friend came to pick me up to go to the gym.  Although it was going to be a free day, I am so thankful she dragged me along: I felt so good and can only imagine the even bigger funk I'd be in if I hadn't worked out.

I came home and ate some leftovers:

Four hours later, when Midas was about to close and I still hadn't heard from them, I decided to walk down there.  Two miles in flip-flops was a horrible idea.  My feet are ruined.  And I should've just let my car be; turns out I'm pretty much going to need to buy a new one because of all the repairs that are needed.  Lovely.

After spending the majority of the evening trying to put together a bookshelf and wallowing, I ate the rest of the leftovers along with a side of baby carrots and a warmed Flatout wrap.

Time for bed.  Busy, super fun weekend ahead.  Stay tuned.

Today's grand total:

Calories: 1,180
Fat: 29 grams
Carbs: 128 grams
Protein: 41 grams

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  1. Don't you hate it when you get all psyched about a new project (in your case, the shelves) and you bring it home and just will not come together?

    My husband just started a new job that requires him to work most nights and weekends. So for the past week, I've been adjusting to this new "do shit on my own" way of living. While I cherish my alone time, some of my home projects have been put on hold until he (aka someone more handy) is around.