Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My name is Emily, and I am an addict.

No, no, no, an illicit drug isn't my choice, nor is alcohol or even caffeine.  (Speaking of, I splurged on a light latte while running errands yesterday and a glass of red wine last night.  That's the first time in seriously two weeks that I've had either of those things!)

Back back to the point: I am not addicted to drugs, alcohol, or caffeine.  No, I am addicted to different things entirely.

Let's explore, shall we?

Sunflower Butter

Ladies and gentleman, this isn't just an "I-love-sunflower-butter" kind of an addiction.  This is a jar-a-week kind of an addiction.  Seriously.  I gob it on my oatmeal, I scoop it up with my apples, and I just straight-up eat it by the spoonful.  I could give or take peanut butter, and I don't really care for almond butter, but y'all, I cannot get enough of this stuff.

I do, however, try to limit myself to two tablespoons per day.  After all, it has 200 calories per two tablespoons, so I don't want to overindulge too much.

I know it's expensive (what vice isn't?) at $5-6 per jar, but give it a try.  I promise you won't regret it.

My Camelback BPA-Free eddy Water Bottle

This is pretty much the only water bottle I use.  I cart it everywhere with me: the gym, school, the mall, Spanish class, the grocery store, the bowling alley, etc.  For some reason this particular water bottle makes it so much easier for me to drink gallons of agua a day.  I think it might be the "straw" feature.  The Boy absolutely hates this, as he says it feels like he's drinking out of a baby bottle, but I love it: the water doesn't splash in my face, I don't risk getting a Kool-Aid mustache, and it doesn't make gross slurping noises when I'm guzzling the entire bottle at once.

I use this so much that I'm tempted to buy a second one just so that I can be certain one is clean at all times.  Since, let's be real: I don't wash this one nearly enough.

Hey, it's good for the immune system, right?

Crystal Light and Mio

I have no problem chugging water, but plain ol' water gets a little old when it's the absolute only thing that you drink every. single. day.  So, I have recently started adding in a little sumpin' sumpin'.  I started with Crystal Light because it's The Familiar.  But, I quickly realized that as fast as I go through it, it's not the most cost-effective option.

I quickly realized that I could get more bang for my buck with MiO.  So, I bought a little egg of it and pretty much cart it with me everywhere.  It'd be nice if I could figure out a way to just attach it to that aforementioned handy-dandy water bottle.
And yes, I realize that both of these delicious delicacies contain artificial sweeteners and that there are plenty of articles stating that they're going to give me cancer, but I'm going to go ahead and drink it regardless.  I'm pretty darn healthy otherwise.

Orange Leaf

The first thing I'm going to do when I'm done with Dam to Dam on Saturday (since this will also be after my Farrell's picture and 10-week testing) is go to Orange Leaf and scarf down the biggest tub of frozen yogurt and cookie dough crumbles that I can manage.

This is seriously my kryptonite.  I have always been an ice cream lover, but a frozen yogurt company that allows you to get as much as you want of whatever flavor you want and then top it with whatever deliciousness you want?  I DIE.

I would probably eat this every day if I could.

And The Boy is the same, sadly enough.  We have been known to get off the couch, put on real clothes, and drive to Orange Leaf at 9:30 at night.  We have no shame.

Candy Crush Saga

I cannot believe how much I am absolutely addicted to this damn game.  Seriously.  It's pathetic.

My students even know how crazy I am about Candy Crush Saga.  One of my little girls even made me read an article about CCS addiction.  (Of course I cannot find this article for you now, but just Google "Candy Crush Saga addiction" and find pages upon pages upon pages of articles.  At least I'm not alone, right?)

Y'all, it's bad.  I am fairly stubborn in that I don't pay for apps, but I will gladly give Candy Crush Saga 99 cents every time I finish an episode, simply because I need for the game to continue.  I haven't yet paid for additional lives, but I have figured out that the lives on my various devices don't synch, so I can play five times on my phone, five times on my iPad, and five times on my computer before I am completely out of lives.  I told you: pa-thet-ic.

My advice to you?  Don't start.  Don't. do. it.  STAY AWAY!

Or...don't.  It's pretty darn entertaining.

What are your "must-have" products?  Food that you can't live without?  App that totally wastes every second of your day?  DO SHARE!


  1. CSS is my favorite app at the moment, besides Instagram! As far as food....I love any fro-yo....Menchies, Orange Leaf, Lemon Tree, Cherry Berry, etc. I also love angel food cake and can easily eat 1/3 of it in one sitting.

    Good luck on the Dam to Dam....I live in the DSM metro and know several people running it!