Saturday, July 16, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I'm sorry, but I'm going to talk about my feet.  Again.

Today I ran twelve miles.  Let me repeat in case you didn't quite get that: I. Ran. Twelve. Miles.

Although, I'm not sure "ran" would entirely be the correct word.  It was somewhere in the mid-90's today, with a heat index of 109 degrees and humidity so thick that we could barely see in front of us.  Essentially, it was the most awful weather I have ever experienced - which led to the most difficult thing I have ever done.

The distance was definitely twelve miles.  I would say we ran nearly the entire first six to seven miles, and then it all went downhill.  We. Were. Dying.  There was a lot of walking involved, and frankly, I was not even sure I could walk the last mile.  My entire body hurt, my hands were so swollen that they had creases on them, and I was nearing pass-out point.

It wasn't good.  But I did it.  Kind of.

The rest of today has included a lot of eating and a lot of sleeping.  It's fairly unbelievable.

I also went to Half-Price Books with the BFF and bought tons of books for so little money.  I'm excited to start perusing them, especially the books I bought about Africa, child soldiers, and the many civil wars.  (I'm starting summer school on Monday, and our first unit is all about the Lost Boys of Sudan; I bought several other books to use as additional resources with the kids.)

Now I'm chowing down some Mac & Cheese (the meal of marathoners, duh) before getting ready to go out with some girlfriends this evening.  Here's my question to you: do you think my über-sore legs and ridiculously-blistered feet can handle these shoes?

Or are flip-flops the way to go?

Maybe my Sauconys?

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  1. These shoes are HOT! I love them! :)
    Last night was interesting... I hope you had fun! We will have to try and go out again.

    I'm thinking about laying out today, but am worried it's just too hot! I went for a walk with the dogs and could barely stand it!