Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Sense of Pride

Yep.  That's me.  Well, that'd be me if I were a boy and of the Pavo cristatus variety.  But you knew what I meant.  Anyway, I'm pretty proud of myself today.  (Get it?  Peacock?  Proud?  Okay, good.)

Obviously you know about my awesome workout last night.  Well, this one tops it.  Because of the weather today (approximately 20 degrees below zero and pouring bullets), I hit the gym instead of the trail for a 5k run.  I started by walking for two minutes at 4.0 to get warm, and then I started jogging; granted, I was only moving at a 5.0 pace (12-minute mile) and going at a 1% incline, but I was moving.  When half a mile hit, I thought to myself, "Emily, you can go another half-mile."  Then when one mile hit, I didn't feel the need to stop.  At 1.8 miles, I told myself that I would listen to one-and-a-half more songs and then take a short break.

Side note: I love The Boss.  He makes a workout easy.

When my songs were over, I had already run 2.5 miles, so I figured, "Why not?"  I ran the whole stinkin' thing.  First. time. ever.  At 2.5, I even upped my speed to 5.5, and with 0.3 left, I upped it to 6.0.  I finished in 00:36:51.  While it definitely wasn't fast by any means, I was pretty darn proud!

The only reason I stopped the run today when I did was because of my legs.  My lungs felt good, my heart felt good, I felt good.  My legs, however, did not.  They didn't hurt too bad during the actual run, but as soon as I stepped off the treadmill and moved into the runner's stretch, the knives jabbed into my shins.  I'm going to be a hurtin' unit tomorrow - considering I already am right now.

In other news: I've been eating like a horse today.  (I've also been drinking more water than I can keep track of - let's just say that I've spent nearly equal time in and out of the bathroom today!)

I had cereal for breakfast (Organic Optimum Slim) at 7:30 - I had a curriculum meeting all day and didn't have to get there until 8:00, so I actually had time for a "real" breakfast!  Around 9:45, I got hungry and inhaled a Luna Bar in about three seconds.  For lunch, we got to pretend we were "real grownups" and headed to Panera; I had the turkey/artichoke panini and French onion soup - it was cold out today!  Then I was pretty good until after my workout.  As soon as I walked in the door, I had some leftover pasta from last night along with some cinnamon-sugar roasted almonds.  And then for real dinner around 7:00, I had spring rolls:

If spring rolls weren't so time-consuming, I'm pretty sure I'd eat them way more often.  They are healthy, they are delicious, and they are filling: three of my favorite things!

Mom: check out my fingernails.  Oh yeah!

For the rest of you, it's just one more thing I have to be proud of today.

Story: I have had the nastiest habit in the world since I was four-years-old.  Yep: I'm a nail-biter - well, actually more of a nail-picker, but it's equally as disgusting.  However, after I took off the acrylics about a week ago (I always think they're a good idea...and then get sick of them after a month), I immediately painted them with OPI Nail Envy and a coat of Koala Bear-y, my personal favorite.  They are beautiful!  I really hope I can keep 'em that way!!!

Anyway, I'm off to do some more reading:

One of my bestest friends invited me to her church for a social justice book club of sorts.  (I'll be able to explain more tomorrow.)  Anyway, we're supposed to read the first 170 pages of this book, and I am currently on page 40.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Congrats on your great workout! I love it when stuff like that happens! :)
    I can't wait to hear more about this book club! Sounds interesting!