Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Little Miss Forgetful

Before I tell you about today, I have to go back to yesterday's post.  I'm sure many of you were wondering, what's up with the title of this?  Is it just another one of Emily's unimaginative, completely random titles?  Well, folks, I have the answer: it was not random at all.  I simply forgot to explain.  While I was writing the post, I was enjoying a Ring Pop - a slobbery, gross Ring Pop.  And I was loving every second of it.  :)

And now for the good stuff:

Today was a busy yet boring day.  I spent the majority of it in a training session at work.  While it was much better than the last training - and I did take away some activities for my classroom - I would've much rather had been with my students.  Oh well.

I ate a bagel for breakfast (not good, I know) and a steak salad from Star Bar for lunch.  That is perhaps my favorite salad of all time.  I'm sure it's horribly unhealthy - blue cheese, red meat, loads of dressing, etc. - but it is so darn good and really hit the spot today.

Immediately after the training, I headed to physical therapy.  It was much needed.  First, I was so incredibly sore last night, likely from having the doctor jerk it around so much yesterday.  I was fully intending on working out after school (like, the stationary bike or something), but I could barely move.  So instead, as I told you yesterday, I camped out with my leg elevated and iced all night long.  I woke up several times throughout the night, too, because it hurt so bad.  Then today at my training, a woman opened the bathroom door as I was grabbing a paper towel and completely rammed the door into my injured foot.  I think she thought I was absolutely bonkers since I nearly started crying.

Anyway: physical therapy really sucked today.  First, Bree did another edema massage to try to work out the scar tissue so that I won't need surgery.  Granted, I really appreciate her doing this, and I know I really need to buck up, but HOLY COW: it hurt like you wouldn't believe.

After that lovely experience, she had me do my exercises: push up, push down, push inward, push outward.  Then, we started something brand new: stability work.  Let me tell you what a workout this was!  You'd think basic balancing exercises would be a piece of cake - and I'm sure they are when you actually have ligaments to support yourself!  Here is a sampling of what I did today:

First, she had me stretch out my calf muscle from the strengthening exercises, and then she had me step on this foam pad (see above).  I had to step up using just my right leg (injured one), bend my knee slightly, and stay balanced.  Um - NO.  It was soooo difficult!

After approximately 8,000 repetitions of the foam block, she made me do the same thing on the Bosu - unlike the dude in the above picture, I did not have to balance with my left leg behind me but rather had it tucked in almost to my chest (standing upright).  I had to do a bazillion repetitions stepping forward, and then I had to do several stepping to the right - that was WAY hard, as there are no ligaments keeping my body from following my foot.

Next, I did more exercises using this ridiculous piece of equipment.  As you can see in the above picture, it is essentially a board suspended in the air with chains.  Obviously it is extremely wobbly and slides all over the place; imagine having to stay balanced on it with an ankle that has zero support.  Right.  Again, I had to stand on it two different ways: like the man in the above picture and then also facing the supporting beams.  It really worked the different motions of the ankle: side-to-side and back-and-forth.  And was extremely freakin' hard.

Finally, I had to stand on my right foot, facing this trampoline, and toss the little red ball to the trampoline and catch it.  It sounds easy enough, but when you have to keep adjusting your balance to catch the ball, it is very, very difficult.

After all of these exercises, Bree iced my ankle and sent me home, but I think I'm going to be very, very, very sore tonight/tomorrow.  I will be icing all night long!

All I need to do at home is the strengthening exercises and ice, and Bree said I can start doing the stationary bike if I want.  I'm hoping to have some energy (and not a lot of pain) tomorrow after school so that I can start on that.  I'm sick of the lack of cardio...

After physical therapy I got an oil change and new wiper blades, and my piece-o'-crap car is as good as new it was a week ago before it ran out of oil!  I came home, heated up some white chili, and headed off to trivia!  Unfortunately, tonight was not our night; while several teams (including those ahead of us) had more than six people and were also on their smart phones the whole time, we have some semblance of integrity, which put us in fifth place, quite a bit behind first, for the month.

And since it's Trivia Tuesday, here's a random fact about me!

My strongest sense is smell, and it often jogs my memory of certain times in my life.  For example, strawberry air fresheners will always remind me of my first boyfriend's car.  Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely will always remind me of Mexico.  My absolute favorite scent in the world is that of my mom's bathrobe, probably because it is what she wears every night before she hugs us and says good night.  She recently bought me rose salve from Sephora, and it is exactly the smell of my mom.  I love it because it makes it seem like my mom is nearby.

So in closing, I'm going to put some of that rose salve on my dry hands (thank you, Winter Air), grab my ice pack, and hit the sack!  See you tomorrow!

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  1. i'm happy that you cite your sources on your pix. good work.