Monday, November 8, 2010

Just a Kid at Heart

Today was a looooooooooong day.  At around 7:20 this evening, I was certain it was way past my bedtime; however, I made myself stay up (obviously) because I'm sure I'd be up at 3 a.m. if I hit the sack that early.

Because I chose to go to bed last night instead of grade my stack of papers, I woke up relatively early (okay, okay: when my third alarm went off) and got to school before my hallway was even open!  While waiting for the doors to open, I sat in the student common area and graded assignments.  I finally finished them about 4:30 this evening and then, after taking care of a mass of other work (substitute plans for tomorrow, team point tabulation, etc.), I finally left school around 5:15.

I got there when it was dark.  I left when it was dark.  I don't have windows in my classroom.

I am not sure how I'm going to function like this!

Luckily, I was able to leave my dungeon for about an hour today while I drove to my doctor's appointment.  They didn't do another x-ray but seemed fairly confident that nothing was broken.  Instead, he said I tore two of the ligaments instead of just one and that it is a really, really bad sprain.  I have to continue to RICE it and go back in two weeks.  If it's not better then, I will have to see a foot/ankle specialist.  Then if it doesn't get better, the sports medicine doctor mentioned surgery.


I'm going to instead just will my ankle to repair itself.  That'll work, right?

After my super-long day at work, I came home and cooked a fast, amazing meal.  First, I started with a salad (bagged lettuce) topped with Annie's Goddess dressing.  I've read about it on many other blogs and finally bought a bottle myself.  It is really good!  Honestly, it tastes like croutons - without having croutons on your salad.  I definitely recommend it.

I then made the dinner I make more often than anything else: my mom's white chili.  It is just so good, so easy, and relatively healthy.  I didn't have any tortilla chips, though, and that omission was a notable difference.  And a major bummer.

I followed the salad and chili with a few bites of Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Bun ice cream.  It's to. die. for.

I apologize for the lack of other pictures today.  I brought a lot of food to school for breakfast, lunch, and an after-school-snack, but it was a haphazard mixture of randomness that I didn't even dig into until noon.  I know.  It's horrible.  I was just BUSY!  Breakfast/lunch consisted of two hard-boiled eggs, some salsa, and a flat-bun with turkey and Laughing Cow cheese.  Random, right?  I also had a mini-Three Musketeers (that I don't even like) for dessert.

Tomorrow I'm spending all day in a pre-AP training session.  Hopefully I'll learn a lot that I can take back to my classroom - I've already prepped with one question I'm dying to ask the presenter.  I'll fill you in tomorrow.  :)

Have a good night, friends!  I'm off to ice and elevate my ankle...AGAIN.  Mwah!

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