Sunday, November 11, 2012


So, I may have missed a few days of blogging.  While I normally would feel super bad about this, I only feel mildly negligent, as I have decided that if I stress about blogging every. single. day., I will no longer enjoy it as much as I do.

Therefore, I will blog when I get the chance.

The primary reason I have not blogged since Tuesday is that I have been just so darn tired!  We had our second fundamentals class for CrossFit on Wednesday, and I cannot even remember all of the exercises that we did.  I know there were some Olympic lifts in there, but until I get the lingo down, I can't really tell you exactly what those were.

We also did our first Workout of the Day (WOD), although I think it was a bit abbreviated because we were all new.  Again, I cannot remember what exactly that workout was, but I do know that I beat The Boy, so that felt pretty good.

(I mean, not that I'm competitive or anything...)

(And let's not mention the fact that I was using way less weight than he was.)

On Thursday, we went to our first "real" CrossFit class.  We warmed up by completing a boot camp workout.  (Yes, that's how crazy CrossFit is.  The saying, "Your workout is my warm-up" really is true.)  The warm-up included three rounds of 20 walking lunges, three rope progressions (lay down on the floor and pull yourself to standing - and lower yourself down - using the rope), and five wall-balls.

Following the warm-up, we practiced an exercise progression using PVC pipes.

Finally, we did the 12-minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout: 12 push jerks, ten box jumps, and eight pull-ups.  I did four complete rounds and then made it through all of the box jumps on the fifth.


I'm still hurting.

But maybe someday I can look like this.
On Friday, The Boy and I went on a date.  He'd been craving Joe's Crab Shack, so we went there for dinner (the first time I've been there in probably ten years).  It was pretty good, but definitely not my favorite seafood.  We also wanted to go see the new James Bond movie, but since we couldn't find a parking spot at the theater, we decided to head home for a night of board games, champagne, and movies.

And it was perfect.

Yesterday, I slept in and then headed to Walnut Woods State Park with BFF and her doggies.  It was so fun hiking through the woods and down to the river, and it was an absolutely beautiful day.  (But, 80 degrees in November?!  Really?!)

I had totally intended to be productive, but we then decided to go out to lunch, and while we were waiting for The Boy to join us, had a couple of margaritas, and then turned into an entire day of entirely too much fun and zero work.  (And it was wonderful - and so greatly needed.)

Today, however, I made up for it.  After dropping The Boy off at the airport, I cleaned the entire apartment.  I didn't just put stuff away, but I scrubbed the floors, scoured the countertops, dusted the shelves, threw loads of things away, scared kitties with the vacuum, and organized.

I am pooped.

And, since I'm planning on waking up super early to go to the 5:00 a.m. CrossFit class tomorrow, likely heading to bed in approximately three minutes.

Catch you tomorrow!

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