Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekly Plan

It's 8:00, and I literally sat down for the first time just now.  Today's been a doozy, y'all.

I ended up skipping the morning workout because I could not for the life of me fall asleep last night.  I think my eyes finally closed -- and stayed closed -- around midnight.  When my alarm went off at 4:30, I realized that amount of sleep was just not going to cut it.  So, I turned off the alarm and crashed for another two hours.

After school, I took a friend to get his car fixed, and then I headed home to change for Farrell's.  I hit up the gym for the 4:30 class (oh em gee, so hard) and then ran some errands.  I headed to Old Navy because in their massive sale, these long-sleeved tees that I love were only $6, and then I ran to the grocery store for the weekly haul.  Finally, I made dinner.

And, I'm now eating that dinner and, of course, blogging.

A less-than-stellar photo of the Chicken Tamale Casserole that I made for dinner.  Side note: I LOVE broccoli.  If you've known me for a while, you will know that that is insane.  I used to hate broccoli with a fiery passion.  Now, however, it's pretty much the only vegetable I want to eat for dinner.  In fact, I bought three more bags of it tonight.  Expect to see a lot of the green goodness in photos in the near future.
As promised yesterday, tonight I will share my weekly meal and exercise plan:

This weekend, I am going to cheer my mom and my sister on while they run the Des Moines Half Marathon.  (I am still halfway considering joining them, but I'm debating whether or not that would be a smart choice at this point.)  So, I'm going to likely carb-load with them on Saturday (gotta be 100% supportive, right?), and I'll also likely go for a four- or five-mile run that morning.  I am planning on taking Sunday off from working out (unless I decide to do a half marathon).

So, it's y'all's responsibility to keep me accountable, mmkay?

I've already had a request to share some healthy during-the-day snack ideas (rather than the candy I keep in my desk for my kiddos), but what else would you like to see from this blog upon its revival?  Please hook me up with some ideas, yo.

I apologize for the super-lame and ridiculously-short post tonight, but I need to go chill for a bit.  This lady is ti-red.

Peace out, yo.

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  1. I have the most difficult time planning lunches, so any suggestions would be appreciated!