Sunday, January 6, 2013


While I should probably start off this post with a "I'm-sorry-I-haven't-blogged-in-like-a-million-years" paragraph, you've seen how well that's worked for me in the past, so I am going to just go ahead and forego it this time and, like usual, vow to try to blog more regularly in the coming weeks.

I started off my "spring training plan" of eating healthy and working out regularly fairly well, but then the holidays happened, stress and emotions happened, and laziness happened.  So, I have worked out a total of five times in the last few weeks.  And, after getting re-measured for a bridesmaid dress today, realized that that really has to change.

So, I have decided to do a couple of things.

First, I am going to run at least three times per week, likely two miles a day during the week and then a longer run (starting with a whole three miles) on the weekends.  Again, I feel like I'll be doing a run-walk combo, so maybe I can convince The Boy to join me on occasion.  :)

Second, I am going to start P90X tomorrow.  I've heard both amazing (yay, body transformation!) and horrifying (holy ouch!) things about the program, but I'm looking forward to doing something at home (no excuses) that will kick my butt into shape.  I'm going to try really hard to stick to the program and do the prescribed workouts everyday, but I'm also not going to stress if something comes up and I can't do the requisite workout.

Third, I am going to log into My Fitness Pal daily, recording every morsel I put in my mouth, every workout that I do, and every pound that I weigh.  Follow me - emmy815.  Motivate me.  Hold me accountable.  I actually did this every day last week - but then, per usual, totally neglected it on the weekend.

On a completely different note, here are a couple of dinners from last week:

Sorry for the goofy color contrast - I'm trying out a new app (Camera +). 
This was Avocado-Mango Chicken, courtesy of Self magazine.  It is seriously delicious and has been a hit with everyone who's eaten it.  One of my besties (hey, MB!) even said she dreams about the salsa.  I think I could eat this once a week.  Last week The Boy and I paired it with Rosemary Sweet Potato Wedges, courtesy of Women's Health magazine (I'm seeing a trend...) and roasted Brussels sprouts.

Everything was so good that The Boy had two helpings.

Of everything.

And then took the last serving with him to work the following day.

On Thursday, I made a couple of "entrees": wedge salad (The Boy's absolute favorite) and Chicken Stew with Butternut Squash and Quinoa, courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats.  (That ruins my streak of magazine-inspired recipes, but I use A LOT of her stuff - mostly healthy and really tasty.)

The salad was delicious, and I probably could've been just fine eating a double serving of that.  I have been craving salad lately, which I believe is my body's way of telling me that it's deprived of veggies.

The stew was not my most favorite thing.  The Boy loved it, but I think what threw me off was the flavor of the kalamata olives with the other ingredients: they just  I ate about half a serving for dinner and then a full serving the following day for lunch, but I'm not sure I'll put this particular recipe on my "regular" menu rotation.

And now, a complete change of pace:

As usual, my New Year's resolutions for this year are to "eat better and exercise more."  I mean, isn't that everyone's resolution?

In addition, though, my primary goal is to live in the moment.  As much as I hate to admit it, I am a total Type A person.  In fact, I am quite possibly the most Type A person that I know.  This certainly has its positives:

  • I am super organized.
  • I am constantly making to-do lists.
  • I like having plans.
  • I am very goal-oriented.
  • And, quite honestly, I could keep making a list (after all, that's what I like to do).
However, there are some definite negatives there:

  • Being super organized means that I have a hard time doing things spur-of-the-moment.
  • Since I am constantly making to-do lists, I get really stressed out if I am unable to cross something off due to whatever reason that may be.
  • Because I like having plans, I am not very spontaneous and instead try to fill every free moment with something; it is really hard for me to just sit still and do nothing.
  • Because I am goal-oriented to the max, I have an extremely difficult time living in the now.  I am constantly planning for the future, which makes it tough to enjoy the little things that are happening now.
So, this year I am trying very hard to live in the moment, to be spontaneous, to be more carefree, to not get so stressed out, to not have somewhere to go or something to do every moment of every day, and to be happy where I am now (because, let's be honest, I have just about the most perfect life in the world).

And, talking about all of this (and rereading The Fitnessista's post about inspiration boards), I have decided to create my own 2013 "pinspiration" board on Pinterest.  Check it out - but maybe wait until tomorrow since I haven't exactly started.  :)

(Hopefully) I'll write y'all again tomorrow.  Peace out, yo.


  1. Good luck with everything Em! You eat way healthier than I could ever hope to. I have tried p90x (not for 90 days), and I liked some of the work-outs and will occasionally still do one here and there. They are long though - almost an hour and closer to 90 minutes for the yoga one. If I'm going to work-out that long, I would rather run or go to a class. Also, be careful on the Dreya roll; I hurt my knee doing that one. Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much, Kylie! That's the thing that's "scaring" me about P90X - the time. I browsed through some of the workouts, and I was shocked at how long they were! My fear is that I'll get too busy (as usual) and have to shorten the workouts some days. Oh well. Hope all is well with you and your beautiful family!