Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back. Again.

I swear: I was fully intending to blog regularly this time around.  But, I guess when you head to Vegas, quit CrossFit, spend Thanksgiving in Omaha, eat too much junk food, and get super busy at work, blogging kind of takes a back burner.

And, I've felt pretty crappy in regards to self-esteem lately.  (I'd like to give a shout-out to Cheetos and no exercise and five pounds of weight gain.)  A lack of self-esteem does not leave for positive entries on a healthy-living blog.

However, I have decided to take matters into my own hands and get back to blogging - and healthy living.

And I'd like to tell you how I plan on making that happen.

First, I have planned a hugely busy (in regards to races) spring.  In a matter of five weeks, I will be tackling three big races: the Drake Relays Half Marathon, the Lincoln Half Marathon, and Dam to Dam (20k).  Leading up to that, I have three smaller races planned: the Red Flannel Run (5k), Loop the Lake (10k), and the Glow Run (un-timed 5k).  I will also likely do Gladiator Assault again (5-mile trail run with over 30 crazy obstacles).

Interestingly, I have not run at all since the marathon.  Two months ago.

So, I put together a fairly structured exercise schedule that starts tomorrow and that I will be sharing with you weekly:

  • Monday: run two miles
  • Tuesday: run two miles
  • Wednesday: Y-pump
  • Thursday: run two miles
  • Friday: Y-pump
  • Saturday: run three miles
  • Sunday: yoga
In addition, every day I will be doing 25 sit-ups, 25 push-ups, two 30-second planks, and 25 squats.

I am going to try really, really hard to stick with this, and rest assured, I will post here how it's going.

Second to exercise, I am planning to eat much healthier.  This means that when The Boy is enjoying Cheetos and Oreos while we're watching TV together, I will not.  Rather, I will eat healthier options: pretzels, light popcorn, apple slices, etc.  

Again, in order to stick to healthy-eating, I am working on weekly meal plans.  Those have worked tremendously in the past, and although they take a lot of time up-front, they make meals during the week so much easier.  Like before, I am hoping to follow the Abs Diet as closely as possible.  It just makes sense.

So, here's this week's plans:
  • Monday: 
    • Almond Joy smoothie
    • Apple + hard-boiled egg
    • Healthy Choice rice bowl (only because I will not have leftovers for lunch)
    • Fiber One bar
    • Chipotle rice bowl
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday:
    • Virgin Cabo Daiquiri
    • Apple + hard-boiled egg
    • Chili Mac with Jack
    • Minimal consumption of junk food
      • Holiday social at work
      • Potluck for bowling league
  • Thursday:
    • Two-ingredient pancake
    • Apple + string cheese
    • Amy's rice bowl (again, only because I will not have leftovers for lunch)
    • Fiber One bar
    • Sausage, grape, and pasta skillet
  • Friday:
    • Almond Joy smoothie
    • Apple + hard-boiled egg
    • Sausage, grape, and pasta skillet
    • Fiber One bar
Like before when I was so successful with healthy eating, I am planning on logging each and every morsel with My Fitness Pal.  Again, it. just. makes. sense.

I am not doing this "crazy" diet and exercise plan in order to lose weight.  I am simply doing it to feel better.  It's a wonder what that can do.

See you tomorrow!  :)


  1. You're awesome!

    You also forgot to add in that you are doing the Tough Mudder in May :)

  2. sounds like a well-thought out plan. good luck!

    I am hoping to do the Drake half and Dam to Dam so I'll see ya at those!